An ancient prophecy once told of a copywriter so talented he could translate Ulysses from its original English to emoji form. This legendary wordsmith was foretold to possess powers so pithy and topical that no late night talk show host would be able to match his social commentary. The original scrolls that tell of his coming were lost some time ago, but you can still hear of his creativity on some obscure sub Reddits. Whether you choose to believe in Dapper Dan or not is of no consequence, for his copy and concepts run through the very heart of every great campaign.

But seriously. I may not be a legend (yet), but I am handy with a catchphrase, quick with a concept, and adept at ad-libbing. Dreaming big gets me up every morning and creating a solid marketing strategy brings home the bacon at night. Integrated marketing is where I make my home, but my favorite rooms in the house are wherever great video and experiential campaigns are made. Oh, and I'm a total lightning rod during a brainstorm.

Email: dan.kleinman87@gmail.com / Phone: 917 459 6366 / Twitter: @DapperDanNYC / Instagram: @DapperDanNYC